Clear Elastomeric Roof Coating
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Our Clear Elastomeric Roof Coating is the Solution!

Fix Roof Leaks with Dyna-Seal™ Clear Elastomeric Roof Coating

Whether your roof is dry or wet Dyna-Seal™’s special clear elastomeric coating formula can be applied!
Dyna-Seal™ is easy enough for ‘DIY roof leak repair’ and effective enough for application by the professional contractor.

- Use Dyna-Seal  Clear Elastomeric roof coating for:
  • Asphalt shingle roof coating
  • Aluminum roof coating leak repair
  • Metal roof coating leak repair
  • Wood roof shingles coating
  • Emergency roof repair
  • Repair chimney leaks
  • NOT for EPDM rubber roofs or white shingles
- Our Clear Elastomeric roof coating is perfect for emergency roof repair because it can be applied:
  • In temperatures as low as zero degrees for cold patch roof repair
  • On wet surfaces (not standing water)
- Use Our Clear Elastomeric roof coating to:
  • Protect roof leaks caused by ice dams
  • Add a clear elastomeric coating as a liquid roof flashing
  • Use as a roof sealant where the roof meets flashing, and chimney
- Dyna-Seal™ Clear Elastomeric Roof Coating dries to clear, shiny finish
  • No ugly black patches
  • No guessing where you applied

"I used this product for commercial and personal use, in cold weather and hot, and it always performed flawlessly. It provided strong bonds with a variety of different surfaces."
-Ray M. Lisbon Falls, ME

"This is the best product I've used so far. I used it on my roofs instead of tar-based products. It is easy to apply, holds very well."
-Rudi E. Jackson, NJ

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Dyna-Seal™ Clear Elastomeric Roof Coating Can Extend the Life of Your Roof 7 to 10 years

Don't replace your roof if you can get another 7 to 10 years with a clear elastomeric roof coating!
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Dyna-Seal™ brushable clear elastomeric roof coating $72 plus shipping & handling.
Formerly known as Ultra-Cote
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